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Lingfei Ren is a visual artist, curator and producer based in New York City, US. She received her MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media at the School of Visual Arts, New York City, her BA in Fine Arts at Southeast University, Nanjing, and an MA in Arts Management at George Mason University, Washington DC. Her art practices discuss the definition of “home” and people’s psychological conditions affected by identity, family, social construction, and urban life. 

Ren started her career interning and working at Shanghai Museum, Smithsonian's National Museum of Asian Art, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, and Fotografiska New York. Now she is the Senior Photo Editor at Musée Magazine, an independent curator, and Founder of Ren Studio, a photo and video production company for various clients.

Solo Exhibitions

2023   From That Day On, Quad, Derby, UK

2021    From That Day On, The 7th Lishui Photography Festival, Lishui, China 

Selected Group Exhibitions

2024   Art Within Reach II, APSMuseum, Shanghai, China

2024   Unbound, Chengdu Art Museum, China

2023   A Retrospective: The 20th Anniversary of Lishui Photo Festival, Lishui, China

2023   Blinding of Lights, Parallel Exhibition of Chengdu Biennale, Allab Art Center, Chengdu, China

2023   JINGPHOTO, Beijing, China

2022   New Connection, Yue Art Museum, Beijing, China

2022   Lishui Photography Museum, Lishui, China

2022   New Connection, Fuji X-Space, Shanghai, China

2022   A Body: Figure and Fresh, Floor_ Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2022   For A Bigger Picture, APSMuseum, Shanghai, China

2022   Flat File, Ortega y Gasset Projects, New York City, US

2021    In Between, Xishuangbanna International Foto Festival, Xishuangbanna, China

2021    Prototype Room: The Pictorial Turn, ART021 Shanghai, Shanghai, China

2021    BLURS, Being 3 Gallery, Beijing, China

2021    Do-Until Loop Parade, The Exhibition in a Box, New York City, US

2020   2020 Visions, SVA Gallery, New York City, US, online

2020   Arm's Reach, SVA Gallery, New York City, US, online

2020   Take/Make, Photo Fringe, Brighton, UK, online

2020   #ICPConcerned, The International Center of Photography, New York City, US

2020   One Flower One World, The 20th Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China

2020   Unbounded Project, Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Xiamen, China

2020   Interior Life, Filter Space, Chicago, US

2019    People's Choice, Greenpoint Gallery, New York City, US

2019    Small and Smaller, Site:Brooklyn Gallery, New York City, US

2019    When Black Swallows Red, La Mama Galleria, New York City, US

2019    Object & Reflex, SVA Gramercy Gallery, New York City, US


Selected Productions

2019-  Photographer/Photo Editor, Digitalize artworks and antiques for collectors and art dealers

2022   Photographer/Photo Editor, Wasteland at Undercurrent, Brooklyn

2021    Art Director/Photographer/Photo Editor, Antique Feast, Seidenberg New York Campaign 

2021    Photographer/Videographer, Invocations: Retracing Seneca, A Public Walk with Karen Finley & Kimiyo Bremer

2021    Director/Director of Photography, Chop Suey Club Social Media Campaign

2020   Producer/Production Manager, Feed_Back (short film)

2020   Photographer/Videographer/Editor/Music Composer, Deux · Melanie Surya F/W Campaign

2020   Photographer/Photo Editor, "Marc Glimcher: Defining the Avant Garde," WSJ. Magazine China, Issue October

2020   Producer/Photographer/Photo Editor, "The Daughter of the Earth," PAP Magazine, Issue April

2020   Photographer/Photo Editor, "We Are Not: Adam Pendleton," Wallpaper* China, Issue March

2019    Videographer, A Performance by Rue Bainbridge at Pace Gallery

2019    Photographer/Photo Editor, "Cheer Leader: Raymond Pettibon," Wallpaper* China, Issue Nov/Dec

​2019    Producer/Director of Photography/Editor/Music Composer, Split (fashion film)

2019    Director of Photography, In Reality (fashion film)

2019    Assistant Photographer, "Ugo Rondinone," T Magazine, Issue April

2019    Assistant Photographer, "Marcel Dzama," Wallpaper* China, Issue May/June

2018    Assistant Photographer, "Jeff Koons," GQ China, Issue April

2017    Videographer/Editor, Artists' Profiles, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts


2022   Top 10 Annual Photography Rankings of China

2021    Winner, FORMAT Photography Award  

2021    One Shot / Our Times, Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards

2020   Video, Fine Art, Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards

2020   Collage, Fine Art, Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards

2020   Winner of the Professionals' Choice, Danny Wilson Awards, Photo Fringe

2019    Alice Beck-Odette Scholarship

Talks & Workshops

2023   The Ph Word, BA (Hons) Photography Guest Lecture, University of Derby, Derby, UK

2023   Workshop: Photo Collage, Quad, Derby, UK

2022   Artist Talk, Ortega y Gasset Projects, New York City, US, online (upcoming)

2022   Artist Talk, Shuttling Photography Between 2D and 3D, China, online

2021    Artist Talk, Do-Until Loop Parade, New York City, US, online 

2021    Artist Talk: Lingfei Ren, Fringe Photo, Brighton, UK, online



2023    Interview with Barbara Kruger, Musée Magazine, Issue 28 Control, printed

2023   Interview with James Welling, Musée Magazine, Issue 28 Control, printed

2023   Interview with Mona Kuhn, Chinese Photographers, April 2023, printed

2023   Lingfei Ren, Rooms at Home, Chinese Photography, Issue 523, January 2023, printed

2022   Interview with Jeff Wall, Chinese Photographers, October 2022, printed

2022   Spreading the Goodness: Interview with Alec Soth, Musée Magazine, Issue 27 Performance, printed

2022   Chaos as Bliss: Interview with Prager, Musée Magazine, Issue 27 Performance, printed

2022   Representing the World Through 2D and 3D Spaces: Interview with Ren Lingfei, Chinese Photographers Magazine, 

             Issue April, printed

2021    Family Binds: Interview with Thomas Holton + William Chan, Musée Magazine, Issue 26 PerformenSpace, printed

2021    Universe, Cactus Magazine, Climax FW 21/22

2021    Exhibition Review: Sarah Moon: At the still point, Musée Magazine, October 29, online

2021    Exhibition Review: Diana Markosian: Santa Barbara, Musée Magazine, October 7, online

2021    Starting A New Conversation on Photography in China: An Interview with Liu Heung Shing and Karen Smith,

              Musée Magazine, June 22, online

2021    Curation at the Guggenheim: Interview with Nat Trotman, Musée Magazine, May 25, online

2021    Lingfei Ren, Metropolitan Zoo, Musée Magazine, Issue 25 Curation, printed

2021    Women's History Month: Interview with Funa Ye, Musée Magazine, Mar 31, online

2020   #ICPConcerned, The International Center of Photography, printed

2020   Lingfei Ren, From That Day On, Der Greif, Nov 18, online

2020   Surplus Management (In and Out of Order), Der Greif, Issue 13, printed

2020   Discover the Art World’s Rising Stars In These 2020 MFA Graduate Shows, Galerie Magazine, July 10, online

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