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What to Eat

Two-channel Video, Color, 9'40'', 2017


Present-day media is overwhelming. The explosion of information age dawned by the technological advances brought us a myriad of communication mediums, and we often consume excessive amount of information that are not even necessary. This phenomenon associated with information consumerism is juxtaposed with traditional consumerism represented by the refrigerator slowly overfilled by a shopper. With less and less space we have in our brain, healthy/valuable information has no way to be absorbed. 

I made this video work in 2017. In present, we no longer see crowded public spaces: Public spaces have become quiet spaces. However, the silent information war continues online, worldwide. We can no longer distinguish between the truth and fraud, and the only way to escape this chaos is by turning off the WiFi, which takes a significant willpower.   —— Written in 2020

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