"From That Day On" is an ongoing project.

The images metaphorically or candidly reflect the impact of several major events in my life, and my memory fragments of these periods are constantly erased and recalled as my psychological state changes.

The motivation behind those images involves family, love, changes in the social environment and world events.

Isolation/Fragment 1-15, 2020

picnic without.jpg
picnic on the grass
Sequence 01.gif

Picnic on the Grass/Picnic on Zoom, 2020



Inner, 2020


Ren_Lingfei_Rainy Season.jpg

Rainy Season 1, 2020

​雨季 1

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 9.32.33 PM.png

Mountain, Tree, In-Between, 2021

山 · 树 · 间 

Old house202010419zz.jpg

Renovation, 2021


mom photo.jpg
mom photo actual.jpg

She (2013)/She in Frame (2018), 2021